Business Continuity

Cyber security as a service

Cyber Titan is a fully-equipped hotsite that has the equipment, network connections and environmental conditions necessary for restoring your data and getting your systems up and running in the event of a disaster:

  • Consulting and planning
  • Design, deployment and management of DR Plan
  • Flexible Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) targets
  • Flexible backup schedule, including set up, configuration, management and restoration
  • Application, database and full server failover
  • Off-site tape rotation

Colo DR

Colocation for Disaster Recovery provides a secondary site for your IT infrastructure that mirrors the primary site, in the event that the primary data becomes unattainable.

Recovery Cloud DR

Cloud Computing can be an important foundation to a rapid recovery, low data loss DR solution. Regularly synchronizing production environments with Ascent2Cloud allows for rapid recovery into the cloud in the event of a disaster or data loss.