Perimeter & Access Control

Cyber security as a service

Cyber Titan Group’s offers a host of Perimeter & Access Control “smart technologies” that enhance any security posture and enhances the rapidity in which critical information is collected & transmitted. CTG also provides architecture build out scalable for emergent technologies & threats of the 21st century.  CTG can custom create a video cloud architecture security system compatible with current operating systems

  • Multi-disciplinary – static, bio/iris scan, integrate-able emergent technologies
    multiple levels of authenticating, protection & coverage,
  • Custom made
    services are always built around your specific business needs
  • Unparalleled Coverage
    Situational Awareness
  • Affordable
    our cost-effective technology pays for itself

We design access control systems and solutions for end users that enhance their bottom line.  Smart control fences, geo spaced, network controlled areas, security SOG development, and whatever the need within prescribed budgets.