IT Managed Services

Cyber security as a service

Technology is the nervous system of any competitive organization today and data is its lifeblood. If any of your systems are down or your data is compromised the effect is immediate and dramatic, and is measured in dollars and customers.

The old adage, “the urgent gets in the way of the important,” is especially true in monitoring, managing and maintaining your IT environment. Everything is urgent to someone, so you and your staff are forever being pulled from important initiatives to perform urgent tasks.

Cyber Titan Group provides a comprehensive suite of Managed Services that are designed to keep your business running smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively. Our flexible, remote IT services will help you meet both operational infrastructure needs and your budget.  The additional services bring value add and peace of mind throughout all of life’s unexpected contingency’s.

24/7 Desktop Support
Asset Management
Business Continuity &Disaster Recovery
Digital Executive Protection Services
Digital Executive Protection (D.E.P.) investigates, establishes baselines and manages digital online signatures of people, families and businesses. Premier, discreet services tailored to fit any need.