Innovative Solutions

Cyber security as a service

Cyber Titan Group’s Technology division houses several ideas of varying maturation, industry partners collaborative work in this space, emergent technologies and future warrior programs.  Disruptive technologies, methodologies & professionals providing the end user a full range of health, safety and life assurances programs of merit.  Subject Matter Experts in all items cyber with specific strengths in data collection & management, criminal & malcontent tracking enabler technologies, and other emergent technology & cyber capabilities. 

Currently being deployed with Templar Titan operatives:

  • Titan 360
    Revolutionary perimeter & access control security
  • Justice for Us
    Leading edge solution for solving complex crimes in urban environments.  Applies blockchain security to protect evidence captured, empowering prosecutors, law enforcement, and community to achieve more with less budget.  Helps deliver justice for victims in less time and cost than the conventional process.
  • Blue Vector
    Next-generation security analytics deliver the leading edge in detection of file-based and fileless malware that are designed to avoid anti-virus, mask malicious behaviors in sandbox detection and subvert traditional network defenses.

Additional Solutions Include:

  • Sentivate
    Sentivate is a re-imagining of the World Wide Web with a built-in cryptocurrency. Sentivate is an amalgamation of various components of a decentralized and or centralized nature. As such Sentivate is a hybrid network which incorporates a mixed topology. None the less retains the Webs more centralized aspects. The decentralized components enhance the performance, security, privacy, and scalability of the network.
  • PollPalls
    Patented, online polling platform
  • Zing it!
    Coming soon.

We design access control systems and solutions for end users that enhance their bottom line.  Smart control fences, geo spaced, network controlled areas, security SOG development, to fulfill the need within prescribed budgets.

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